Playing Trucks in the Mud: Motorcycle Heroes Find a new Game: Championship Off-Road Racing


Many kids started out playing trucks in the mud and dirt at a very early age. Some of us often got back into playing trucks later on in life as parents playing trucks with our children. But for some, the return to playing trucks in the mud takes the form of Championship Off-Road Racing, as both drivers and as the parents of young drivers. Very young drivers.

This past June marked the first of 2 CORRacing events at Chula Vista International Raceway for this 2007 championship season in a brand new closed course at the Quarry in sunny southern California. Selling out the event to 13,000 fans who spent a good deal of the weekend on their feet and cheering, Championship Off-Road Racing is rapidly becoming very popular among both racers and fans alike. Some very popular names from other racing venues are starting to turn up at CORRacing events, such as Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Johnson.

Both Ricky Johnson and Jeremy McGrath are champions, and they’re making their bid to become a new kind of Champion in Off-Road Racing. Who knows, in time we might find long-time motocross champion Ricky Carmichael, who recently “retired” to have a short career in NASCAR, become a CORRacing championship contender. บริษัทส่งของ

What’s all the fuss about? Well for starters, the last few years have seen a pretty big upswing in Championship Off-Road Racing’s popularity and exposure. The 4-wheeled off-road racing is exciting and the fans are up close and personal with the racing experience. There aren’t many events that allow the fans such great access as they get at venues like Chula Vista International Raceway. The roughly 1-mile-long track has incredible elevation changes along high banked turn 1, and the 30-foot-high jump.

Play is the Work of Children

There are several classes that race at these weekend-long events, including a class for kids who aren’t even old enough to drive on our public roads. But don’t think for 1 minute that the kids that race in Championship Off-Road Racing aren’t willing to put it all on the line for the win. There is almost as much competition in the junior classes as there is in the Pro 2 and Pro 4 classes, and getting a win takes real talent in any class. It will be interesting to see how the careers of some of these talented youngsters turn out in the years to come.

The entire CORRacing experience is incredible and should be experienced by every race fan, no matter what kind of racing you love. But it’s not just about the fans, because if you’ve ever dreamed of being a race driver in a professional venue, perhaps CORRacing is just what you are looking for. It is one of the most affordable types of professional racing of its caliber that I’ve seen, and there are plenty of different classes to suit many types, and ages, of drivers.