Buy The Right Contact Lens Solution

Contact Lens

As important as the lens case is the lens solution. You just need to have the right solution for your lenses, if you want them to have a longer life. And this is not something anyone will compromise on. With the cost of contact lenses being very high, everyone has become particular about its care. So here are the right contact lens solution types for you.

Multipurpose Solution For Your Lens

As the name suggests, it is not only used for disinfecting your contact lens but also for cleaning them. Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. The disinfectant will only clear the lens of any possible infections residing on it, while cleaning is to ensure no dust or other particles remain on it. this solution is particularly cost-effective.

H2O2 Solution

These cost more than the multipurpose solution but do not contain any preservatives. This solution is especially for the ones who have allergic reactions to the chemicals present as preservatives. They also take longer for cleansing the lenses than the first one. a minimum of 6-8 hours of soaking them is necessary.

Daily Cleaning Solutions

This solution only acts as a cleaning agent. You cannot use this as a disinfectant and will still need to clean the lens with a multipurpose solution. Daily cleaning contact lens solution will only remove dust and other debris particles that collect on the lens. Some opticians may even recommend enzymatic protein removers for this job.