Why Serviced Apartments Singapore Monthly Are Best Stay Option?

serviced apartment

One of the things we usually look forward to when we go on vacation is staying in a hotel. What if we told you that there was a more affordable alternative to hotels? The benefits of serviced apartments singapore monthly are the solution for both short-term and long-term travel plans.

A serviced apartment: what is it?

According to official definitions, a “serviced apartment” is a category of furnished apartment that is available for short- or long-term stays, offers amenities, housekeeping, and a variety of services for visitors, and where most taxes and utilities are included in the rental price.

Serviced apartments provide amenities similar to those of a regular hotel but with more room, comfort, and privacy, much like at home, so you can enjoy traveling and living like a local. They have individual kitchens, sometimes a kitchenette, sometimes a full kitchen with a dishwasher and washing machine, larger living and sleeping quarters than most conventional rooms, and frequently have access to gyms, restaurants, conference rooms, concierges, and other hotel-like services.

Serviced apartment advantages

  • Compared to hotel accommodations, serviced flats are larger.
  • When compared to hotel rooms, they also provide more privacy.
  • Since there are no additional or hidden expenditures, they are more cost-effective.
  • They have a kitchen or kitchenette, which lowers the cost of meals.

Self-contained flats are known as “serviced apartments” are available to rent for as little as one night or for as long as you need. Since they are exclusively managed by professionals, they meet the high expectations of business travelers.

Hotels are good for a few nights, and the best way to look at it is that long-term rental agreements are the most cost-effective for a guaranteed 1-2-year stay. When traveling for an extended period of time, a service apartment is preferable to a hotel.