Guide Your Success Journey with High School Diploma In Singapore

high school diploma in singapore

Children in their teenage have the potential to think about their dreams. They are capable of understanding what they want to achieve in life. They dream of big ventures. Some aspire to become an astronaut, and some wish to become police officers. Whatever the dream, it can be fulfilled after several milestones. The first formal milestone is the completion of High School. Chatsworth is an educational academy that provides High School Diploma In Singapore. 


Students in years 12 and 13 are legible to apply for the course. The name of the program is International Baccalaureate Diploma. This program is specially prepared for the students of High School. The diploma program undertakes six subjects. It requires having all the criteria matching CAS. C is for creativity, A is for activity, and S is for service. In this way, the diploma is prepared holistically.

Salient Features of the Diploma Programme

Like any formal program, the diploma presents everything a High School student needs.

  • Offers experimental learning chances.
  • Supportive environment to felicitate mandatory needs of creativity, activity, and service.
  • It helps students to find new universities for their higher studies.
  • Determined to offer different life skills, this diploma is promising for the coming future.
  • Dedicated student service is present to become the philosopher and guide of the students.

Getting a high school diploma is no more difficult. Pursue your dream with an excellent high school diploma certificate. With the help of this diploma, children are legible to apply for higher education all over the world.