Importance of picking the best Acupressure Mat

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How the Tibetan Acupressure Mat is distinctive to the wide range of various Acupressure mats accessible available today?  The Tibetan Acupressure Mat is the only acu mat created by scientists and broadly clinically tried with positive outcomes. The design of the tibetan acu mat is unique and different to the adjusted and relaxed ones made these days.

The possibility of the Tibetan Acupressure Mat plan affirms that the Sharper Pain the Stronger Gain.  So please check not the name yet the plan. it is very simple to do there must be 18 spikes for every standard ø2cm blossom. basically check, there ought to be just 18 focuses and the blossoms must be disseminated evenly.

All these can be checked outwardly. So before you purchase your Mat kindly do 3 beginning checks:

1) Are there 18 spikes for each Standard Blossom?

2) Are the Plastic catches appropriated equally on the base?

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3) Is the base a linen texture without padding for ideal acupressure impact?

In the event that you addressed yes to all the inquiries above, you would not be asking why your Acupressure Mat does not work for you! Since our Tibetan Acupressure Mats work in 99.99% of cases! And it does not proceed also in 0.01% when individuals essentially neglect to lie on it!

  • Only Tibetan Acu Mats are clinically tried and have all the important reports and declarations on compelling treatment execution.

  • Tibetan AcuMats are produced in a Healthy and Safe climate in the EU. Just guaranteed and earth benevolent materials are utilized in the creation of the mats

  • The utilization of Linen implies the mats do not cause any hypersensitivities and takes out the chance of skin bothering. Cloth normally stifles live pathogenic miniature verdure, microscopic organisms and parasites. Material flax is really a powerful boundary to certain sicknesses

  • Not utilizing any dying cycle for our Linen base. The texture is kept normal to expand its inborn properties

  • Not Using froth or wipe cushioning. Being used cushions made with froth or wipe can make skin overheat. The cushioning can likewise turn into a favorable place for Dust Mites which can cause hypersensitive responses in their own right!

  • Using just the best quality of materials – clinical plastic and non-harmful paste for our mats